Stone Manganese Offers Technical Reports On Fuel Economy And Propellers

A technical publication called "Paper No. 20," featuring two reports on the role of the propeller in economical ship operation, is being: offered by Stone Manganese Marine Ltd.

One report, by L. Hawdon, technical director of Stone Manganese, and G. Patience, technical manager, is titled "Propeller Design for Economy." Presented before the Third International Marine Propulsion Conference, it examines important factors contributing to substantial reductions in fuel consumption. These include special propeller devices, reduce power operation, changes in propeller design, changes in reduction gear ratios, the number of propeller blades, and service and maintenance.

The second report, "The Contribution of the Propeller to Energy Conservation in Ship Operation," was written by G. Patience. It was presented to the 1982 Conference on Priorities for Reducing the Fuel Bill which was sponsored by The Institute of Marine Engineers, The Nautical Institute, and The Royal Institution of Naval Architects.

This report describes various means by which a propeller can assist in reducing fuel consumption. Particular attention is given to roughness, maintenance, and the servicing of propellers in operation. Different options available to shipowners with regard to conventional propellers as well as other propulsive devices are outlined and assessed from the energy conservation viewpoint. For a free copv of "Paper No. 20,"

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