Miami Car/Passenger Ferries Designed By Nickum & Spaulding

spaulding carpassenger

Nickum & Spaulding Associates, Seattle naval architects, recently completed the design for two 22-car ferries for service between Miami Beach and Fisher Island, Fla. William B. Rebozo, president of Island Developers, Ltd., operators of the ferries, said the Seattle naval architecture firm has produced the preliminary design and contract drawings (outboard profile shown above) for the construction of the vessels. He plans to put the boats in service in 1981.

The ferries will be double-ended with a capacity of 22 cars and inside seating for 32 persons in two air-conditioned lounges. The superstructure is arranged on one side of the vessel to facilitate easy, straight-through loading and unloading of vehicles. Complete steering and engine controls are located in two identical control consoles, one at each end of the wheelhouse.

The vessels will have overall discuslength of 120 feet, beam over guards of 46 feet, and design draft of 7 feet. Displacement at design draft is 298 tons. The design calls for the hull to be fitted with six transverse w a t e r t i g ht bulkheads. To make the boats both rugged and easy to maintain, the entire hull and superstructure are constructed of steel.

Propulsion is provided by two Caterpillar model D-353TA diesel engines with Twin Disc reduction gears, driving 4-foot 8-inch propellers, one at each end of the vessel.

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