CADCOM, Inc. Appoints F. William Helming

Dr. Charles O. Heller, president of CADCOM, Inc., Annapolis, Md., has announced the appointment of F. William Helming as program director for CADCOM's Washington, D.C. office. In his new position Mr. Helming will have responsibility for sales and marketing, liaison with Government and commercial clients, and for the initiation and supervision of programs and projects.

Prior to joining CADCOM a year and a half ago, Mr. Helming worked for Industrial Computations, Inc. of Watertown, Mass., as a consultant in computer-aided ship design. He has been a member of CADCOM's Computer- Aided Ship Design Division, specializing in system design and integration for maritime applications of computer-aided design, prior to assuming his new position. Mr. Helming is a graduate of Webb Institute of Naval Architecture and holds a B.S. degree in naval architecture and marine engineering. He has also studied naval architecture in the graduate program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is a registered professional engineer. CADCOM is a recognized leader in the practical applications of high technology, serving industry and government in automation, computer-aided design / manufacturing, engineering analysis and design, environmental technology, safety engineering, simulation and modeling, software development, and technology transfer.

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